November 12, 2010

Birth Is Instinctive

Birth Is Instinctive. Women's bodies are designed to give birth. The knowledge about how to give birth already exists inside every women.

When you here those words what does it mean to YOU?

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  1. Every woman know how to labor and birth on her own. Her body can and will start labor on it's own when baby is ready. She does not need any interventions (medication) to move labor along quicker. She does not need that baby ripped out of her body with forceps or vacuum. She would not need those if interventions were not done. The body will send her brain those wonderful endorphins to manage the contractions and then when baby is out send a massive dose of the love hormone to bond mother and baby forever. Baby does not need help breathing right away as long a cord is not cut. Baby does not need to be pulled away from mother, leave mom and baby be. Going off a due date is not accurate, do you know the day you conceived that child. If not you could be taking a baby out who is only 36 weeks. I period is not 28 days for everyone and not every women conceives on day 14 of her cycle. I know that I don't. I don't care where or how you give birth all I ask is that you make an informed decision.
    My response is based on my personal experience, I know some of it is off topic but this is how I feel and what this all means to me. I have had 2 very different births, and have learned so much. I would not change them for anything. They have made me who I am today. I am so thankful to those that support me in the birthing community and in my own birth choices.