August 5, 2010

How long?

How long did you breastfeed for? If you are still breastfeeding when do plan to start weaning? What are your thoughts on extended breastfeeding?

We would love to hear your thoughts on the above questions. We invite you participate in an open discussion in our comments section!


  1. I nursed my oldest for four years, my second child for 3 years & 10 months, my third for four years and my fourth for 3 years.

    I think it's good to nurse until mom and/or child don't want to anymore. There's no reason to wean just because the child turns one, or two, or three...

  2. 1st child: 3 years. 2nd child: 3 1/2 years. 3rd child: 2 years. Extended breastfeeding has so many wonderful benefits!

  3. I'll do a year then see how it goes, although an annoying friend of mine said breast feeding a one year old was 'just wrong' so i might do it for 2 years just to piss her off!