August 3, 2010

Was it everything you expected?

How did your first few breastfeeding sessions go? Was it harder than you had anticipated? Did you find that breastfeeding came naturally to you or did you find it to be something you needed to work hard to establish?

We would love to hear your thoughts and the experiences you had during the first few days of your journey in breastfeeding. Please feel free to use our comments section to participate in an open discussion based on the questions posted!


  1. it was so hard for me at first. A had a very hard time latching, and the LC's at the hospital were not very helpful. on the last day, an angel from heaven (a nurse) gave us a nipple shield to try and she latched immediately. it took a very long time to wean her from the nipple shield, though. as soon as we accomplished that, she had a bout of RSV (around 4-5 months old) and she would not latch AT ALL. ever since then, i have been exclusively pumping. it is very hard, and i miss the bonding with her, but i know it's what is best for her, so i keep going. she will be 1 year in september, and i have not decided if i will keep pumping or not, but one thing is for certain--i will not miss the breastpump. hopefully the nursing will come much easier w. the 2nd baby!

  2. I find it hard to put into words the exact feeling I had my first few breastfeeding sessions. I don't think there is anything I could say that would give that special moment the justice it deserves. Although it was a truly beautiful experience one thing that I had not anticipated was the pain. For the first few days I experienced a sharp shooting pain down my nipple that had reduced me to tears a few times. The pain only lasted for the first minute of our session but man did it hurt! I contacted my LC to inquire if this was normal. She told me that it was most likely just my nipple getting used to this new sensation and that as long as the pain did not last more than a minute it was normal and would go away with time.
    She also gave me some wonderful advice to help me get through this rough patch. She told me to think of an inspiring mantra I could repeat to myself to draw my attention away from the pain.
    And so I did! For the few days, after my daughter would latch on and the shooting pain would start, I would repeat to myself "My body was made to provide this gift to her". I would repeat this over and over until the pain stopped. This really helped me to stop focusing on the pain and to remember why and who I was breastfeeding for.
    The pain did go away with time. Although it was a bit of a rough patch I would relive those first few days in a heartbeat. It was such a special time!

  3. It was also very hard for me, there were tears and frustration. I did not know anyone close to me who had breastfed. But it worked out after a few weeks and then I loved it! Breastfeeding has always started out a little rough, even with number 3. But it is so worth it. I have been breastfeed about 4.5 yrs total now and I would not trade it for anything! It's been the best comfort, medicine, pacifier, and means of bonding I could ever imagine. I think my children are happier and healthier because they were breastfed! :)

  4. I had pain for the first 6 1/2 weeks! I sought all the help i could and for a few days even my sister even had to help nurse my baby. I was trying to avoid introducing formula, however it was inevitable and my baby was on up to 3 bottles a day. It was the hardest time of my life but I persevered, we got off the bottle at about 7 weeks and now I feel like the luckiest women alive! Feeding is such a joy and so convenient! My baby is 4 months now and I'll feed for at least another 8 months.
    I know how hard it can be so I try not to judge but I do think that a lot of women give up too soon, and just need to give it time.

  5. I actually just detailed my early breastfeeding experiences on my blog. It was NOT all I'd expected - I didn't really have any expectations; I thought it would just fall into place. I did little to no REAL research ahead of time and didn't even know the difference btw colostrum and milk - didn't realize it could take time for milk to come in, and didn't know anything about having baby latch right after birth. It was through the support of my AMAZING pediatrician - thankfully my son had jaundice & we had to go for a daily heel stick - that i stuck with it, didn't supplement, and realized "oh, wow, yeah, you really DO know when your milk comes in."